The care my wife was given in the 5 years she was in Manor Park Care… Read more “Vernon U (Husband)”

Vernon U (Husband)




To act as person in charge, to stand in for the Care Home Manager and Clinical Lead as required and observe all instructions to act upon her behalf. To achieve and maintain the highest standards of care practice in accordance with NMC Code of Professional Conduct and Manor Parks policies and procedures. Act at all times in line with NMC Code of Professional Conduct & maintain registration requirements. To adhere to the Dementia Care Matters philosophy and ensure staff also follow this philosophy. Report weekly to care manager via email

  • Responsible for the effective deployment and supervision of staff within the care team, ensuring all tasks are completed during the period of duty and people that live here receive required care.
  • Provide staff support, demonstration and instruction of care activities, particularly in relation to the induction and mentoring of new staff.
  • To assess and identify training needs of care staff and report to the Management and assist with training programmes, and assist with induction of staff.
  • To maintain good liaison with care staff, maintenance, catering, administration, housekeeping.
  • To ensure good hygiene practice and presentation of the Home.
  • To follow all infection control procedures
  • To be familiar with procedures for promoting rooms, dealing with enquiries and recording this information and actively assist the Management to achieve maximum occupancy.
  • Responsible for high standards of care by undertaking accurate assessment and planning of care, delivery and ongoing evaluation of care plans, together with appropriate hand-over, to ensure all people that live here’ needs are continuously met.
  • To keep the iCare Clinical system updated with changes, updates and daily records. Ensure all staff complete their notes on the care doc system before leaving their shift. There has to be at least 1 input per RGN day and night
  • Undertake nursing tasks including distribution of medication, dressings, catheterisation and management of chronic medical conditions.
  • Advice families of people that live here and GP’s of any changes in condition, which gives rise to concern and keeps them informed and involved in choices for ongoing care.
  • To ensure that medications are stored and controlled and administered in accordance with drug administration policy and NMC code of practice.
  • To ensure and assist Management, all CQC fundamental standards are achieved
  • To keep clinically updated
  • Contribute and attend staff meetings and training sessions.
  • Practice safe systems of work across the range of tasks and in particular moving and handling of people that live here, by assessing risk and having due regard for personal safety and safety of people that live here, visitors and staff.
  • Understand personal responsibilities in relation to the Health and Safety at Work Act, Safeguarding, infection control and fire safety and evacuation procedures and demonstrates a working knowledge of COSHH assessments applicable in own area of work.
  • Attend fire drills, manual handling and other training as required in accordance with Health & Safety legislation and monitor work performance making recommendations where necessary to ensure full compliance with this.
  • Ensure safety and cleanliness in the work environment and identify and report any hazards or risks.
  • Report all accidents and record details in appropriate on the iCare Clinical System
  • To continually monitor and ensure good presentation of the Home at all times, reporting any problems to the Registered Manager immediately they are identified.


This is not intended as an exhaustive description of duties and responsibilities and may be amended following consultation with the jobholder.



Knowledge & Qualifications

  •  Hold a First Level qualification and current NMC Registration.
  • Demonstrate a minimum 2 years’ experience and up to date knowledge of care supported by relevant post-basic studies/qualification.
  • Sound knowledge of care planning and its practical application.
  • Knowledge of Health and Safety, particularly moving and Handling techniques, Fire Safety and COSHH.
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Care Standards Act (20000) and other relevant legislation.
  • Preferable Dementia experience


  • Display good interpersonal skills and ability to instruct and demonstrate care activities.
  • Demonstrate good organisational skills.
  • Display evidence of teambuilding abilities and commitment to team working.
  • Demonstrate initiative and self-motivation.
  • Exhibit a caring disposition towards people that live here and acknowledges the need for varying approaches to meet individual needs.

Below is a list of more specific tasks that will be delegated to the RGN Days



  • Med Rounds
  • Dressings
  • GP Calls
  • Relative/ Friend Calls
  • Temperature Checks
  • CD Stock Count
  • iCare daily entry
  • BM when needed
  • Handovers to staff to keep them informed
  • PRN meds to be administered
  • Catheter Care
  • Monitor for Deterioration and escalate up when required
  • Fire Grab Box Check


  • Clean Treatment Room
  • Clean Med Cupboards
  • Clean Med Boxes
  • Clean and Defrost Medication Fridge
  • Monthly Homely Med Stock Check (report to day nurse if we need more)
  • Check Blood Bottles, needles, syringes, Med pots, make a lost if we require more (if out of date etc)
  • Equipment Check – Nebuliser, suction etc

As and When Required

  • Denature CD
  • Return Meds (dispose of)
  • Continence Assessments
  • Syringe Drivers
  • Report any accidents / incidents to person who is on call